Amillionite - Midday - playing and singing original songs as well as covers
Greg Griffett - 1pm - Acoustic blues
Zayde Potter - 2pm - 13 year old acoustic guitarist
Aiden Lowe - 3pm - Solo acoustic muso
Nathan Glover - 4pm - acoustic guitar and use live loops to create drums and bass on the spot
Ed Moon - 5pm - A great young talented singer
Shane Brown - 6pm - Acoustic guitarist ...singer
Benjamin Wylie - 7pm - Acoustic originals and covers from classically trained singer / songwriter Benjamin Wylie. Located in the Mornington Peninsula.

Sara-Rose Millar - Midday - I'm a singer / songwriter and accompany myself on guitar and keys in a folk / country / rock style.
Dan Byrne- 1pm - plays an instrument called The Hang aka Handpan (Harmonic Drum). 
Chelsea Wybrow - 2pm
Amber Humphrey - 3pm - Singing/Acoustic Guitar
Amber Walker - 4pm - Singing & Guitar
Rhythm Unites - 5pm -  Duo who play the African drums; Djembe and the douns. We are a high vibe act that like to get the audience clapping, dancing and participating where ever possible.
Julia McDonald - 6pm - Australian singer-songwriter
Bob Maidon 7pm - Guitarist, songwriter


DEFINITION OF BUSKER:  Someone who entertains in a public place for donations!

The Peninsula Busking Festival celebrates the old fashioned art of busking and our talent are only paid by your tips and purchase of their merchandise. 

This year we've got talent travelling from around the globe to entertain you. If you like what you see or hear, don't forget to give generously and grab a cd or ten to add to your collection!  Every dollar counts towards their ride on the road to success!